Friday, February 23, 2007

To the doctor again...

This morning was pretty uneventful...the only things that happened were baby things that we dainty girls don't really share openly. Let's just say it wasn't all sugar and spice. I did wake up with some weird stuff in my eye, and I couldn't get my eyelashes apart. Mommy washed me up really good, but since I'm so close to my surgery day, and we don't want anything at all to mess that up, we called the doctor. They're super cool at my doctor's office and they always take good care of me really quick. So Miss Laurie, Miss Amiee, and Dr. Y decided I needed to come see them. Dr. Y checked me out good.

It turned out to be no problem, but they still had to get me naked on that darn scale again! What is the big deal about my weight? Isn't it a little early for everyone to be so concerned with my numbers on that silly scale? Oh well, maybe there's something I don't know...

By the way... check out my supercool Onesie! I'll offer a Braska Bravo to the first person who can identify what it is and why it's so cool. (In case you can't see's a better look.)


  1. I do not have a clue. First I thought turtle, then I thought green lady bug and then I turned it upside down and it looked like someone with really bad teeth. So I give up But remember this, Grandma C is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but she sure does love you. And love is good stuff.

  2. I do believe that is a mushroom from Mario Bro. video game. Very fitting and cool! I am not sure what the little baby girl version of " chicks dig pale skinny white guys" would be but I think you need a onsie for that!! hehe! I totally know what you mean about that scale thing. When you get older you will have to take your shoes off and if you forgot to wear slip-on shoes it is really annoying.

  3. I wanted to guess but she said dad's weren't allowed to play. What a little jerk.

  4. Karen, you're close... so Bravo to you! It's from Super Mario Bros and it gives one life... 1UP!


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