Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sleep in heavenly peace

What Braska is *probably* thinking....

Wow...what a day. This morning Mommy and Pop got me up so early! And they wouldn't feed me for some reason. Then we went for a car trip. When we got to this hospital place, people took a special picture of my chest, and then they stuck me three times trying to make me bleed! What is that about?! I told them clearly that I didn't care for that at all. Finally I was able to get a nap in. Then Mommy gave me to another lady I don't know and then I went to sleep. Gosh, I don't remember much of anything after that.

Now I'm laying here with alot of tubes and wires.. but I don't hurt, it just feels funny. I'm pretty sleepy though, and I can't open my eyes. Maybe I'm dreaming? Everyone keeps saying the worst is over. That's good, I guess. For now, I'm ready to wake up... but then again, I'm just gonna take another nap.

If you want to see what I look like (it's kind of scary) check out what Pop posted at his blog.


  1. So glad to hear things went well! My mommy and daddy and I have been praying for you! We prayed on the way to Grandmommy's house this morning! Can't wait 'til you are all better and we can see each other! Love, Mercedes

  2. wow. How are mom and dad doing?

  3. Brando--They're doing well, I think. They seem to be happy I'm ok and got past this big day.

    Cede--Hi friend! Thanks for praying!


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