Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sweet treat and fun faces

Miss Melissa at Banana Migraine gave me a neat award! This is what she said about Mommy and me and some other blog friends.

"I have the pleasure of passing along this fun treat to three other sweet bloggers, all of whom brighten my day with their insightful entires, and of course, pictures of their little cuties."

Thanks Miss Melissa!! We feel so special when friends think of us!!!
We've met some new friends lately that we think are pretty sweet, so we'll pass on the award to some of them!
Miss Deborah at Sunflower Stories
Miss Michelle at The Zoromski Chronicles
Miss Melanie at Baeten Family
Miss Valerie at Rylie
Artie's Mom at Doin' it Down to Earth

Check out these new friends and say hello! It's always good to have more friends!
Today Mommy put a new outfit on me that my Great-Aunt Hyla sent to me. It has the greatest colors on it! I just kept staring at it because it was so bright! Mommy tried to take some pictures, and she took a bunch, but some are kind of silly. We tried to pick a few to show you, but we just couldn't decide, so here's alot of them!
I was feeling pretty silly.
I got all grinny but then I started to fall over!
Mommy remembered that I had a neat hat that Miss Rivkah from next door gave to me.

Now I'm just showing off...


  1. Those are the best pictures ever. Very cool. I love your fashion shows and could see a lot more.

  2. Hi! We just found you from Gabi's World!

    I must tell you that she is absoutley beautiful. We have a little guy with an extra chromosome too!

    His name is Rhett. You have a great blog!!

  3. OMG, that outfit is too cute!!

  4. You remind me so much of your mommy at that age -- so cute and such a good baby. I'll bet you're going to be a wonderful singer someday like she is! Love you, my little striped pumpkin :o)

  5. Oh my! Could that series of pictures be any cuter??!

  6. Love these pics - she is adorable. She gets cuter every day! I can't wait to see her again soon! We miss you Braska!

  7. So adorable!! You should send these somewhere she could definitely be a baby modle for an october issue of a magazine. Way too cute!!! karen K

  8. Oh Braska you just made me get a sweet tooth. You are way too cute. I just want to pick you up and give you lots of love! I miss you!

  9. I just watched your six month video ago. Made me cry. I am looking forward to the year version. Love you sweet baby girl.

  10. Some people say again, some people say ago.

  11. Hey, I didn't realize Braska had her own blog! Love all the ohotos, she is a doll! Thanks for the blogger award!

  12. LOVELOVELOVE these photos!!! We DO need to get our girls together! :)

  13. AWwwwww! Not only is Braska soooo cute and sweet but so is her mom! Thank you!!


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