Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Work is hard!

Miss Robin came this morning, like she does every Tuesday, and just like always, she made me work very hard! I complained and tried to tell her that I didn't want to do this stuff, but she didn't listen to me. Well, she said she heard me, but she still made me practice sitting and holding myself up.

I showed off how strong I'm getting, and I held myself up on my hands and knees for longer today than I have before. Mommy and Miss Robin were pretty happy with me.

Miss Robin had a new toy today that had lights and played music...my favorite! So I sat for a little while and played with it. But I only like doing that for little bits of time. I'm starting to stay up for longer though, if I have someone to help me just a little.


  1. Work is hard, but in the end you will get strong enough to open cabinet drawers and pull everything out. That will be lots of fun.

  2. Keep working hard Braska - your Grandma is right - it's fun getting into those drawers!!

  3. Hey Braska! I love the "finger in the mouth looking at the new toy" pose. It is as if you are thinking, "Now what do I want to do next to this new contraption??"

    Love to all,
    Papa Beagle

  4. Yay Braska!!! You are getting so big!!! 11 months, wow!!! I love the pictures of her in the Bears shirt!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Braska, Keep up the hard work! You are SUCH a BEAUTIFUL baby! If we lived closer Tommy would come over and 'work' with ya as he is trying to improve sitting up for longer and increasing the time he is in the 'crawl' position. Looking good Braska! We sure do enjoy your blog. Your Momma is INCREDIBLE :)

  6. You are getting so grown up! I'm eager to see you soon - just 3 weeks away!
    Love you!!

  7. Braska...

    Every time I look at your blog you get cuter! How is it possible? I could just kiss you little cheeks!


  8. Awww-Braska is beautiful. I remember those days of early intervention in the house.Sometimes I was ditressed with therapist always coming- but it was so worth it-My daughter really benefited now she gets her therapies at school.

  9. That is SO awesome, B!!! You will get it for sure!!!


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