Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Partyin' with Pop

Tonight I got to go out with Pop to a party for his work. He forgot to bring the camera, so we don't have any pictures, but I'll tell you about it. I think Pop just wanted to take me along because he's not good at what big people call "small talk,"and he thought I'd be good to keep him company.

We went to a nice dinner place where there were lots of people from Pop's work. I got to meet a whole big bunch of new nice friends. I even got to cuddle with a few nice ladies like Miss Cathy, Miss Donna (I remember her from when I went to work with Pop once!), Miss DeeDee, Miss Linda, and Miss Cindy. If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry! I didn't get to sit with Miss Julia , but she said next time I would get to. They were all really nice, though. Everyone was eating yummy pizza, but I didn't get any. Pop had root beer! I didn't know he ever drank anything but Dr Pepper! Everyone said that I was pretty and sweet and must look like Mommy. Pop just made a face when they said that and said Ha Ha, but he wasn't smiling. I think they were being funny.

I cried a little bit because it was kind of loud in there with everyone talking and stuff. Some people tried to help me be happy again, but they didn't know the trick like Pop does. I like when people pat me on my back real good. Some of them were just afraid they would hurt me because I'm little, I guess, but Pop showed them how. He's good at making me feel better when I'm crying. He just bangs on my back and I know he's got me and it's gonna be ok. My Pop is strong and takes care of me good. People always look funny when he helps me be happy, but I like it.

Mommy had gone to dinner with some other friends, so when we got home Pop told her how good I was. Then he went to play cards with the boys. Thanks for taking me out, Pop! Nice to meet all of you, work friends!!


  1. Pizza AND root beer????!!!!

    Those banker types really know how to throw a party! Way to go Pop! Way to go Braska!

    Papa Beagle

  2. Party time is over when Braska has had enough! Hey Braska! You and mommy won the "Super Friends" award over at my place! Come and see!

  3. Such a cute story Braska. Your poppa is a sweetie to take you along!


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