Thursday, October 4, 2007

Me and food

Since everyone always asks Mommy about if I'm eating or not, I thought I'd tell you what's been up lately. The good news is that I'm starting to like eating food, even though I'm still not into drinking anything. Today I made a real mess, and Mommy let me do it! Miss Louise always tells Mommy to just let me make a mess, but usually Mommy likes to keep things clean while I'm eating. But this time, she took my shirt off and let me play. I ate pretty much of the little jar, and I chewed on my hands a little too. They taste better when they have food on them. But I did sure end up in a mess.

Look what Pop did last time I got all messy with food. Mommy told him no more of that!


  1. You're so cute Braska! Keep eating the good stuff!! We're very proud of you! Love, Nico

  2. Good job Braska - isn't getting messy fun?!!! (Not so much for the mommies who clean it up though ;))

  3. You are such a cutie! I won't tell your mommy that you ate two jars for my mommy and that all this eating craziness is just you messing with her a little:-) And being silly is what little girls do best!! Have you tried blowing Rasberries with a mouth full of food? Mommies really hate that but it is fun for us babies! Talk to you soon- Gracie K


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