Saturday, October 20, 2007

Going to work

Today I went to work with my Pop for a while since Mommy had a meeting. He just had to go in for a bit, so I went too. I tried to help him, but his desk has lots of computers and my arms weren't long enough to reach.

I tried to sit up like a big girl in his chair while he took the picture, but I ended up on the floor somehow right after the big light came from the camera. I bonked my head, but I'm ok. I guess I'm not ready to get out of the chair by myself just yet.


  1. At the rate you bonk your head, you might match your dad, bonk for bonk. He loved climbing on things and falling on his noggin. He generally broke his collar bone. Three times, he broke it. All under the age of two. Don't do that though. I don't think it is as much fun as bonking your head on the floor.

  2. Be patient, sweetie peach; you'll be big enough and smart enough someday to be a computer "geek" like your pop. God isn't finished with you yet! Love you!!

  3. Oooooh! Poor Baby! Have mama give the boo-boo kisses!

  4. Braska you can come to work with me anytime! Sandi (Tommy's mommy)


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