Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fireworks weekend

We had a pretty fun weekend when it was 4th of July time. Daddy's Uncle Jerry and Aunt Nadine came from Iowa to visit Grandpa J and Grandma C. We all went to Miss Cindy's to play games and have some GREAT yummy food that she made. I tried a few things, but Mommy and Daddy said there was a bunch of good eats!

I played by the pool while the big people talked and were silly. It was a little bit chilly, so I didn't get in the pool this time.

But we did sit and kick for a little while. That's Miss Cindy, Grandma C, Daddy, and me.

The boys played games in the yard, and I sat on a blanket with the girls and talked to Aunt Nadine.

There was lots of pretty lights in the air on our drive back to our house. Then there was lots of loud noises that went very late after we got home. This is fireworks, I guess. We didn't get to really see alot of them very well, but we saw a few.

On Saturday, we did some work around the house, then we went to Miss Cheryl's graduation party. She got all done with college!! We went to her house for a while and there were alot alot alot of people there at her party. Mommy and I went back to Grandma C's house with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jerry, and Aunt Nadine and Daddy stayed to play games with the other people at the party. Daddy came later on and played some games there before we went home. There were more lights in the sky and noises that night too!

Then on Sunday, we went south AGAIN to go to Grandpa J's church and to lunch with Uncle Jerry and Aunt Nadine before they went back home. We spent the rest of the day at Grandma's house. So it was a weekend of lots of visiting!

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  1. Wow! A lot has changed in your little life since playgroup ended not so long ago! :) I'm glad you are having fun with your new friends! Take care.



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