Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mommy life: Need a Blackberry??

Shelley at Embracing Life as Household 6 is doing a cool giveaway with the proceeds going to Raina, one of the precious kids at Reece's Rainbow (my fave organization). If you make a little donation, you get entered in the drawing for her Blackberry Curve. I don't need the phone, but I'm always up for a donation to any of the RR kids! So my money's in the pot! Hop over there and chip in a few bucks!!

Here's the deal... if you go donate, and you let me know about it (send me an email if you wanna be private about it), I'll MATCH your donation up to $20 per person. I can't make it clear enough how important this outreach is to kids who truly NEED our help. If you've never checked out their site and those kids, please at least go see what the organization is all about.

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  1. I'm in for $15. I tried to do more, but my bank shut my card off for using it 4 times at the same place($5 each time) in less than one hour. Its a security precaution thing they said when I called. :-{
    Thanks for doing this.


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