Sunday, July 13, 2008

New family!

Uncle Levi got married on Saturday, so we went back to Miss Cindy's since she was so nice to let them use her house and pretty yard. There was alot of stuff I didn't understand, but it was nice to dress up and be with the family again.

Here's Uncle Levi and Daddy waiting for things to start. Daddy was called the Best Man. I thought he was just Best Daddy for me!

I took a little nap on Uncle Ethon while we sat around waiting. It rained a little, so we had to wait for that to stop so we could go outside to the chairs and stuff. Then after stuff was dried off, we went out to get ready.

Here's Uncle Levi and my new Auntie Janice. Grandpa J is back there because he talked for the wedding. Daddy's holding the flower girl basket because she gave it to him. That was funny.

Everyone went by and got hugs and stuff and said congrats alot. I'm not even sure what that is, but it's a happy thing I guess.

This is Auntie Janice with her little girl Shaylin. She's my cousin now. I never had a cousin before. She's 2 years old and she was the flower girl.

And this is me with Mommy and Daddy later. It was a long day and we were tired with rainy hair by this time.

Thanks Miss Cindy for having all those people. You're the best!!!


  1. It looks like a beautiful day!! You look lovely all dressed up Braska!

  2. I love your family photo! You all are so sweet together!

  3. what a color coordinated family you were - looks like a beautiful wedding - glad the rain cleared up

  4. Holy crap! I'm good lookin'!


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