Thursday, July 3, 2008

Retropost: Trip back home

Last weekend we went back home to Champaign to see some friends. And we saw a bunch of them! We had alot of quick visits to say hello, but we didn't get to see everyone.

We stayed with Mr. Tom and Miss Beth on Saturday night. Dottie and Jake live there too, and we played with them some. They had lots of fun toys for me, and they even gave me some fun ones to take home!! Thanks Miss Beth!

On Saturday I went to see lots of people with Mommy while Daddy stayed at Mr. Tom's house. We saw Miss Jen, Mr. Adam, and Kabe. Then we met Miss Janet at the mall for a little bit while we got Daddy's ring fixed to fit him better.

Then we had lunch with Mr. Brent and Miss Laura before we went to Maddy and Grace's house. Mr. Randy and Miss Karen were there too. I took a little nap and Mommy just rested while her belly was icky. It was nice to see Maddy and Grace again.

Then we went back to Mr. Tom's house for dinner and playtime with Dottie and Jake before bed.

On Sunday, we didn't get to go to church because Mommy wasn't feeling very good at all and had to go back to bed. After she was feeling better and Daddy was done playing games, we went back to Maddy and Grace's house so Daddy could see them too. Then we went to Toro to see Miss Martha. She was so happy to see me! I even took a nap with her while she was having her dinner.

Sophie and Alexander came to Toro with us, and Mr. Mark and Miss Jen too. It was nice to see my buddy Sophie again.

Before we left to come back home here, I went by to see my friend Zoey and her family. I wish she lived by me again so she could come and play sometimes. It's more fun to go in the car when she comes along!

On the way home, Mommy sat with me for a while because I was tired and a little grumpy. So Mommy and I had fun with toys and books while Daddy drove us home. Mommy thought it was funny that I like to stick my feet up in the air.
And when the sun got in my eyes, Mommy put my shade up, but I had a better idea for what to do with it. Here's a movie for you to show you my silliness.


  1. Braska, I'm glad you got to see so many friends and had such fun with mommy on the way home. Thanks for driving, M!

  2. Braska, I sure miss seeing you in church, but it was fun watching you play with your seat. It was obvious that you were having fun with your mommy - I think she likes you just a tad bit... :-)

  3. I bet all of your friends really miss seeing you Braska!!

  4. man you were a social girl little one and so flexible too!

  5. Mayson does that same thing in the car!! too funny!! glad you had a nice time seeing all your friends!

  6. It's so fun visiting with friends! Glad you got to visit some familiar faces, Braska!

  7. That was too funny! She is such a little ham!


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