Thursday, July 24, 2008

Got some new steppers

Yesterday I picked up my new feet things that are called Sure Steps. They have pretty flowers on them!! I'm still practicing wearing them for just little bits, but I think they're gonna make standing up much easier!

Here's the sides.

They're good and tight to hold me just right.

And they go right in my shoes! Then I feel ready to go! Miss Lori is coming so I'll show her and we can work on standing in my new steps!


  1. Very pretty Braska=Just like you! Good luck with them!

  2. Yay for Sure Steps!!! Those are the same that Miss Delphine has :)

  3. Those are so neat! They didn't have those when Gabi was small. (at least not that I know of)

  4. you are going to be walking all over!


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