Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Silly days

We have had a pretty silly week at our house. Mommy says I've been pretty silly, talking all the time and playing all over the house. She keeps having to come find me when I go hide in my room or in the bathroom. It's a fun game.

Mommy's had alot of silly paper stuff to do to for our new house and for our old house. We have been running all over to send things and sign things and pay people. On Friday, we went to Daddy's work building so a nice lady could help us with some papers. We met alot of very nice people there. I hadn't ever gone to Daddy's work before, so it was nice to say hi to everyone. He works with alot of very friendly people.

While we were there, we went to see Auntie Skye since she works in that building too. It's a really big building!! I helped Auntie Skye with some of her work so that she could take a little break. I love papers, so I'm always glad to help with them.

This weekend we stayed home most of the time. It was really hot, and our house gets so hot on hot days. We just played and rested. Mommy didn't feel very good some days, Daddy worked alot even though it wasn't work days, and the phone rang alot. Sometimes big people can be really silly too. We did go out for a little while to do some shopping with Auntie Rachel, so that was fun. I just love to ride in my wheels. But we forgot to take pictures!

Yesterday, Miss Jocelyn came over to play, and this time I actually showed her a little that I could talk. Sometimes I don't wanna show her, but today I talked to her just a bit. She has the best toys!! She has a fun music thing that I like to push and make it go. And she has bubbles!! I love to play with bubbles!! We had alot of fun and I tried to say "bubbles" so that she would do some more.

Last night, Daddy played some bubbles with me on the deck, but they didn't do as good as earlier. We're going to try another time though. So we came in and I found another fun thing... Daddy's new trash can that Mommy got him for his new basement room at the new house. It's just right for me to stand in, make silly faces, and play. Mommy's sunglasses are one of my favorite toys. I found them in her bag all by myself.


  1. trash cans, bubbles, and sun glassed what more can a girl ask for?

  2. Looks like fun times Braska! Glad you are moving around in your house and keeping mommy on her toes. I think you should give her a rest though.... I betcha she is really wanting one :)

  3. I tell ya Braska, you have such fun days!

  4. So many people get to see you. I'm fixing up your room here at my house in case mommy wants to come home for Shawna's shower this weekend. I have lots of bubbles here! Love you!!

  5. Uncle Ethon and I (espically E) love the trash can you are standing in Braska! I think he wants one for himself now.

  6. that braska - always helping everyone out at work!

    have you had any issues with her getting tired of her therapists? at first julia was gung ho and wanting to play and now she cries bc she knows she is going to be asked to work.


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