Thursday, April 2, 2009

Play day at the mall

Today Mommy took us to the mall for a while. Jack and his mommy were there too! We walked around a while and just looked at things, then we looked at some cute clothes and stuff. Well, the mommies looked while me and Jack watched TV in the store. It was a good show!

Then we went to the play place. It's always fun there, and there were alot of other kids there today. I crawled around alot, and I kept trying to go out to the stores by the play place. People kept picking me up when I tried to leave, though, so I couldn't get to them.

I decided to just play inside the play place. There is a neat fish there.

Me and Jack took a ride in the car. I let him drive.

He tried to stand up and tell someone to get out of our way, but I told him he needed to sit by me and drive!

It was alot of fun, and there's lots more pictures, but I have to go to bed, so they will have to wait til later.


  1. Braska, I hope I'm still around when you are 16 and your mommy shows you all these pictures again :o)
    Love you, Sweetie Peach!

  2. Braska is so darned cute! And look at those pig tails! Cute, cute, cute! (Won't they be adorable at prom?!)

  3. TYPICAL. Another snuggle interrupted by the man's sudden concern in engine performance and gas mileage.

    Hang in there, Braska. Those pigtails will lure him back...


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