Thursday, April 30, 2009

Letters and numbers

Mommy made a neat new game for us to play on the computer. I love to watch her work, and I always try to help, so she made this for us to do together. We do all my letters and then my numbers. There is also a part for colors, but it's not on this movie. She tells about it over in one of her stories if you want to use our game at your house.

(Mommy note: This kid has blown me away with this slideshow. The very first time we did it she knew quite a few of the letters on sight, without prompting. I literally had my mouth gaping while she was doing it. Unbelievable! She has some times that she gets probably 15 letters on her own and other times when she seems to want to just say them after I do. The numbers she can do pretty consistently 2-10 after I give her 1.

This video was not her best, of course, because when do they ever perform for the camera like we want them to. But it gives you a little peek at how she does. I'm very proud, I admit! Some days it gets discouraging watching her try so hard in her mobility issues, as she is still quite a ways off from standing on her own or walking, but it helps to know she's making strides in other areas.)

Links to access the slideshows online

Flashcards for the Numbers with counting shapes.

Flashcards for the colors.

Flashcards for the plain alphabet and numbers 1-10. (No pictures or colors.)

Note that there is a full-screen option in the lower right corner of the viewer.


  1. Braska you are doing such a great job. I love your little sweet voice.

  2. Braska, that is SO good! A lot of moms would love to have their 2-year-old's do so well. Keep up the practice, Sweetie Peach. Love you!!

  3. It is so very amazing how far you have come Braska Bear! Keep up the great work!

  4. That is totally amazing!!!! I am so proud of you Braska!

  5. Great job Braska! You're learning so many new things ever day!

    Have you ever used with her? Kayla just loves that site.

  6. What a great video and inspiration for doing something at home on the computer. I'm a first time visitor -- saw your link on the DS journey forum. What a darling girl!


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