Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mommy life: Easter dress value

If you are very observant and have been around for more than a year, you might have noticed that Braska's Easter dress looked familiar. It is the only one she's ever worn in the 3 Easter seasons she's had so far. Grandma C got it for her when she was only a few months old. It's a 3-6 month size. It still makes me giggle to think she can wear it. This year it was a little short, but still plenty big. The little bloomers that came with it are still way too big around the waist. My little skinny minnie!

4/1/07 (Palm Sunday, but she was in the hospital the next week on Easter so it was good that she wore it early that year!) She weighed just under 11 lbs at 4+ months.

3/23/08, 16 months, 15+ lbs

4/12/09, almost 29 months, 21 lbs

You just can't beat that for getting good use out of a dress. Plus Kinlee can wear it sometime very soon, I'm sure. Fun fact: Both Kinlee and Braska wore 3-6 month dresses this year. Amazing!

Just for fun, here's a couple more pics from Easter of my little chicks.


  1. They both look so adorable in those dresses. I can't believe how big kinlee is already getting!

  2. Such cute little chicks!! That cracked me up, that they both wore 3-6 month dresses! Too silly.

  3. They're the cutest little chicks I'VE ever seen :o)
    Love you, girls!! (all 3 of you!)

  4. RK, when I first saw that dress on Braska I thought it was absolutely adorable. For the record it did not look to short on her either. Like I said it looked adorable.
    WOW I cannot beleive it was 3-6months. Surely it was mismarked or something.
    Maybe next year Kinlee can wear it for Easter!!
    I think wearing it 3 Easter's and possibly more by Kinlee is getting your moneys worth out of it. LOL!!

    They both are just precious little girls. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  5. they look so pretty all dressed up in their dresses!! you have two precious lil girls!


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