Friday, April 17, 2009

Catch-up: Trip to C-U, Part 1

Last weekend, we went back to where we used to live. It was nice to see alot of people, but I didn't remember some of them. Mommy says they all knew me when I was a tiny baby, but I'm a big girl now!

Friday night we went to a little party for our friends who are moving away. This is Miss Zoey, she used to go on trips with me and Mommy to talk to me in the car and help Mommy with things. Mommy really wishes she lived close now that there are two of us, me and KiKi. We hope maybe she will come to St. Louis for college!!

The party was for Miss Karen and her family, so I sat with her for a while too.

Saturday morning KiKi and me played on the bed for a while at the hotel before we got our baths. We were tricking Daddy for a while because he thought we were asleep.

But then we couldn't keep from giggling about it!

At lunch on Saturday, we met Sophie and her brother and parents at our old favorite restaurant. El Toro!!!! We just love Toro!!! I had some beans and some salsa and some gwak-a-mo-lee. It was so yummy!

Then we went to Miss Karen and Mr. Randy's house to see them again. We went to visit this weekend especially for them, so it was fun to play with Maddy and Gracie and color with Miss Karen and Maddy.

Here's a little movie of Miss Karen helping me with coloring.

Saturday night we went to see my friends Olivia and Hunter because it was Hunter's 1st birthday party! There were lots and lots of people there. Hunter has a BIG family with LOTS of kids!! I had fun crawling all over and following all the kids around. Happy Birthday, Hunter!


  1. Braska, When I see you playing and having so much fun, I wish I could be there, too! I miss you!
    We showed your picture a lot in AR yesterday.

  2. What precious pictures on the bed. Love the one with her hand hiding her giggles.


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