Friday, April 10, 2009

Sister bath time

Mommy decided this week that we would try to take our baths at the same time, me and KiKi. So she put KiKi's little tub in my big tub and we had a pretty fun time. Kinlee wasn't scared because I told her it was going to be ok and the water wouldn't hurt her.
We got all soaped up and washed off. Kinlee liked laying in the water and I splashed a little.

Mommy washed my hair and it was all bubbly.

I think this sister bath time thing is gonna be more fun when KiKi can splash too!


  1. RK, your mama is BRAVE! Either that or you have better manners than Georgia who would probably gone nuts in the tub with her brother! :)

  2. I can tell you two are going to be best friends :o) Love you both!!

  3. You are one terrific BIG sissy Braska! Kinlee is sooooo lucky to have you!

  4. Bath time with sisters are the best! I remember doing that with mine :)


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