Sunday, April 18, 2010

Balloons for the ride

Yesterday Mommy was gone all day long. Me and KiKi stayed with Daddy and PaPaw came over for a little while, too, since our grass was getting big.

Mommy was at a place where they were taking a bunch of pictures, and when she got home she talked all about it.  She had a really fun time, and she got to meet some very nice people that I hope I get to meet someday! Make sure you go read her story about it. It’s a good story.

Since she forgot to give the balloon maker back to Miss Kim and Miss Jodie, we saw it in the car today after church.  So Mommy took a couple of balloons out right there in the parking place at church and made us each one to play with on the way home. 

Isn’t that pretty fun?  We just got balloons for no reason except to play with them.  What a fun ride home from church!  Mommy even stopped to put gas in the car and we didn’t mind because we had something to play with. We were silly with them and laughed alot.  We should have balloons for every time we get in the car, I think.

Thanks Miss Kim and Miss Jodie for the balloons! (Even though we didn’t ask first before we borrowed them…thank you!)


  1. Your mommy sure thinks of fun things for you two!

  2. You've got a really fantastic mommy who loves to both teach you AND help you have fun. I think I remember that she had fun with balloons, too. But it WAS a LONG time ago! Ha ha


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