Monday, April 5, 2010

Hunting eggs

There’s been lots of stuff going on around our house. Sick and exciting and more sick.  Mommy’s been telling the stories, so you can read about it from her.  I just play and let the big people do all the hard stuff.

Yesterday I went to a party!  I love to go to parties!  I’ve got two of them to tell you about, but I’ll tell you about yesterday’s first because we only have a few pictures to do. (The other one was last week and I have lots of pictures and movies to show you!)

My friends Andrew, Caleb, and Rachel had a party where we got to find eggs in the yard and we got to color them and we got to make cool pictures and we got to play with fun toys!  It was great!  I just love parties!

Daddy helped me find some eggs.

But I don’t like grass at ALL so I looked for some on the hard part with no grass.  That was way better.

And I could stand up all by myself after I reached to get the eggs.  Miss Janet would be so proud of me!

I did a lot of walking, and I’m getting pretty good at it.  

I walked all up and down the hard part, but when I got to the end…

Whoa!  Time to turn around before I get too close to that grass.  Ewww.

Then we went inside to dip eggs in colors.  It was pretty fun.  I made one blue and one orange. (Go Bears!)

(Mommy note: The last time I colored eggs was 4 Easters ago when we thought it a neat way to tell our family of a new little chick on her way… story here if you missed it. Now the little chick is coloring eggs.)

We went downstairs to their super fun playroom, and we made neat pictures with squishy stickers. Miss Amy thought of everything!
But before we left, we went back outside to play some more.  Me and Caleb did the best thing. Swing!!!

(Hey, wanna know a secret?  That big dog in that picture…there’s another one just like them. And they are taller than me!  They kept coming and licking my face when I tried to walk, and I only got scared once! They are really big!!)

Thank you, Caleb, Rachel, and Andrew for inviting me to your Easter Party!! It was great!


  1. What a great Easter!! I really like your blue basket.

  2. It's neat that the kiddo whose arrival was announced with colored eggs got to color some HERSELF! Way to go Braska!


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