Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wet heads

We’ve got tons and tons of pictures that we’ve forgotten to show you. So we’re going to do try to do better…

Here’s KiKi in a little robe that my PaPaw got for me when I was a little baby.  It’s almost too small for her already.

Here’s a picture of me when I wore it…image
I was almost the same age as KiKi is now, except she’s 5 pounds bigger than I was and she can walk. I couldn’t even sit up back then. Can you believe it?? 

This is me and KiKi going down the hallway.  We’re wearing the same size p-jammies.  I just have it in two colors. 

Remember when I used to wear the ones that KiKi has on?  I was older than KiKi is, but she’s bigger.  I think I’m cuter, though!
There’s a bunch more pictures and a movie of me that day here if you want to see me.  That was the day I learned how to climb on the couch! 

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