Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silly girl pictures

We took a WHOLE BUNCH of pictures on Sunday.  Some of them were nice, but a lot of them were just silly. 

Mommy’s trying some new things with her camera since she got all excited about taking pictures when she got to hang out with Miss Jodie and Miss Kim on Saturday.  But we just got more silly pictures!

Here’s me and Mommy…

And me and KiKi outside…

Mommy asked us to show a hug, so we did it a few times.  KiKi kept saying “more” and so I hugged her again and again!

Mommy put us in the grass, and me and KiKi do NOT like grass!

Here’s a few of KiKi being cute too…

And a few of me too!  (I scraped my nose…oops!)

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