Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playing in the sun

Yesterday we went outside in the front yard to play a little bit.  It was really nice and sunny, and we didn’t have to wear our coats or anything.  Mommy put some sunglasses on me that she got me when I was a tiny baby.   Since I have glasses for all the time, I have never tried them, but today we did, and I thought they were pretty cool!  They’re called Frubi Shades!  Funny name!

Mommy took some toys outside for us to play with.  I don’t like grass, so we had things that we could play with on the hard part.  I haven’t used my walking toy much lately since I can do walking without it most of the time, but I thought it was fun to play with it outside.  Mommy wouldn’t let me go for a walk by myself though…I kept trying to go where the cars go, so she made me turn around.

KiKi didn’t feel very good still, so she wasn’t wanting to play much.  And she doesn’t like the sun.  Oh, and she REALLY doesn’t like me to wear sunglasses.  She got very upset til I took them off.

But she finally found a flower that she thought was pretty, so she played with it a little while.  kikioutside1

I pushed her on my little bike with three wheels but we didn’t take a picture because Mommy was trying to keep us from tipping over.

We had a pretty good time, but we didn’t stay out too long.  It was pretty warm in that sun, so we went in and played the rest of the day.  But it felt nice to be outside a little!

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  1. Girl, you look like a million bucks in those shades!!


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