Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashion show: Spring, part 1

KiKi won’t look right at Mommy when we’re trying to take pictures of our outfits. She always walks away somewhere. She’s stuh-burn, Mommy says.

We go stand by the door for pictures, but KiKi won’t turn around.

Then she decided she might just go outside.

“Here, I’ll help you.”
(Mommy note: Kinlee’s in a 12-month outfit that I can’t find a pic of Braska wearing last year, but she’s wearing everything only one year behind Braska now.  The outfit Braska has on is 18-24 months, and this is the first time she’s worn it.  And it’s still a tad big.  She looks like such a little skinny minnie to me. So funny. She’s 23 lb and 33 inches.)

And here’s a movie of us just doing the stuff we do everyday.  We like to climb and giggle and be silly… so we do it a lot!
(Mommy note: This video clip is cute, but it’s longer than I usually put up, admittedly.  About 5.5 mins. But this is the kind of stuff I want to have for later. Just them doing what little girls do. Not posed and not prompted.  Just them. I’m trying to take alot more of this kind of video lately.  And yes, I’m annoying as all get out in this, but that’s who we are when we’re hanging out at home… keepin’ it real.)


  1. Oh, we LOVE the videos...they can never be long enough. Love the fashion show, pretty ladies. Make it work...

  2. Thanks for taking the time to video our precious girls and post them so we can enjoy their times together, too. It's great to see them healthy and happy!

  3. This is just way too cute! Thanks for sharing, how precious, those little girls.

  4. Please post 20 more videos like this a day. it is awesome. I agree with grammy.


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