Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And now....the winners!

Finally! Mommy and me have learned that we don't know much about the right way to do this kind of thing. We like to give things away, but we're not good at doing it the easy way! But after alot of Mommy's grouchy times, we finally got it done this morning.

Take a look at the movie and see if you won!!!

If your name was on there, make sure and send your address to Mommy so we can send you your fun stuff!! Her email is over there somewhere
on the side. See it?

And if you didn't win the new pretty blog stuff but you wanted it, Mommy's going to be doing something extra nice for you just because you played our game. If you want a fun or fancy blog, send her a note and tell her you want a new look, and she'll tell you about it and get one ready for you however you want it to be. (But the winner comes first, of course!)

Congratulations, Winners!!! Thank you, everybody, for playing our giveaway game!! It was really fun, I think!


  1. Great job on the video Braska

  2. I can't see the video! :( Oh, no! How can I tell if I won?!?

  3. OK, It worked this time. Sad I didn't win the blog makeover, but yay for the winners!!!!

  4. Yeah! We never win anything, thanks Braska! I am SUPER impressed with how well you say my name. How about you just come and deliver ours? We would love to see you!

  5. Grammy has some prizes for YOU next time I see you!

  6. Oh my goodness!!!! I was just so impressed with Braska I had to relisten just to make sure I was the winner. YIPPEEE! RK we will be in touch when ever you are ready. Lots of love to your family, thank you thank you. This is definately lifting my spirits!


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