Tuesday, June 29, 2010

KiKi’s Turn: Share!

My sister is getting bigger.  And she’s pretty smart.  She talks A LOT!  Like even more than me, and that’s A LOT LOT!  She likes to say “Share!!” really loud and over and over when she wants me to give her a toy I have.  And she says, “My turn!” a lot too. 

I haven’t been very good for Mommy to take pictures lately, because I always turn around.  And that means most of the pictures on the camera have been with KiKi instead of me.

So I thought I would let her have some pictures on here sometimes, since she always wants to do the computer when I’m trying to do my stories.  She’s not as  cute as me, I say, but I’ll show you some anyway.

KiKi likes to get over on the side of the swinging chair where she’s not supposed to be.  She wants to play with the computer and the cords, but we’re not allowed over there unless we sneak.

Auntie Rachel always makes us laugh a lot.  She is really silly, even when she’s all dressed in her working clothes.  KiKi calls her “Rach,” but I try to tell her the right way to say it.

If you have ever seen KiKi play with glasses, you know that she HATES to have them on her face.  She gets really mad!  Sunglasses or silly glasses or anything like that.  But the other day, she just decided she would try mine on! 

Ok, that’s all for now.  She used to have her own blog for stories, but she didn’t do enough fun things to make people want to see.  At least, that’s what I think happened.


  1. Wow! Great new pictures of lil sis! Thanks, Braska! You and Mommy have your hands full!

  2. Awesome pic with the glasses. Very cute. I tried to comment when it first was posted but for some reason it didn't let me.


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