Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miss Shelley’s got more chances to win!

Mommy put this on her page a few minutes ago… I hope we win, so I’m gonna tell you about it, too.

Here’s what Mommy said:
Preschool Prep is a company I just now am learning about, and so far, I’m a fan of everything I’m seeing.  Shelley’s giving away a great set, so go over and enter to win!  (Isn’t her blog especially cute???  wink, wink)

If you’re someone who buys Braska gifts at any time, put this on your list of options for the next birthday or Christmas.  It is all stuff we could really use to work on things we’d like her to be learning currently.  The first one on the list would be Meet the Colors—DVD and Books.  I’m gonna have to see if there’s room in the budget soon for that one… 

If money were no object… this would be my choice, ordering it today if I could! 

Ultimate Preschool Prep & Sight Words Pack


Truthfully, I just want all of them. How great would that be!?!  For working with both the girls.. we’d be all set!


I just love to learn.  If Mommy could spend all day working on my learning things, I would be really happy.  I love to practice my letters and numbers.  We’re trying to do colors but I get them mixed up.  I hope I win so that I can keep working on words!

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