Monday, June 21, 2010

On the BUS!

(Today’s the last day to enter the giveaway game!!  Did you tell your friends about it? Did you remind them to come try to win?  Better go do it now!)

Today it was time for school again!  I get to go to a new class with a new teacher for a little while in the summer time.   And guess what… I get to ride the bus!!  Mommy still takes me to school in the morning time, but she decided to let me come home on the bus after school so she can get Kinlee to nap at the right time every day.

But today, Mommy and KiKi came back to school when I was going to the bus so she could meet my bus driver.  They walked behind while I was learning where I go to get on my bus.

Then I found my bus and climbed up the great big steps!

Mommy said hi to my bus driver and the nice lady who helped me get in my seat.  And she took a couple pictures when she said goodbye.

Mommy and KiKi went home and waited for me to get there.

I saw them on the porch when I we got to my house a few minutes later.

KiKi came out to my bus with Mommy to help me get off.  Then the bus went away, and I walked to the front door. I think I’m going to like riding the bus!


  1. Awesome! Love the test drive on the bus! Way to go Braska you are such a big girl!

  2. Great job, Braska! This is such a big, cool step for you!

  3. awesome! Abby loves the bus. I was very wary, but it turned out to be great, and the drivers we've had have all been fantastic.

    I'm going to bet that Braska will be taking the bus both ways pretty soon. :)

  4. What a big girl Braska!! That looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Love the new blog look!!!

    Such a big girl on that bus! Where does the time go?



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