Monday, July 12, 2010

Big girl bed!

My bed is a little different now, but it’s the same bed.  It can be changed all around for little tiny babies and big kids, all the way to old people like Mommy!  I won’t ever have to get any other bed!

The other day, Mommy and Daddy were in my room doing some stuff while me and KiKi were playing in the playroom.  Daddy moved my bed a little lower to the floor and took off the thing on the side that made it where I couldn’t get out.

So now I can get in and out of my bed by myself, though I don’t really like to get out. I just like to climb in there and sit and play for a long time.  And I napped and slept at night time and I didn’t fall out or anything!


  1. My, what a BIG girl you are now!!

  2. Sweet, you look like a little princess sleeping on your new bed!

  3. so awesome that you are in a big girl bed!


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