Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Sunday Style

This week on Sunday we got dressed and did our pictures again.  We haven’t done them in a while because someone has been sick on the last few Sundays, so we have missed church.  This week, we got dressed and went to PaPaw’s church. (See note at the end about these clothes.)

(Mommy note: That one above is one of my favorite pics of the girls, and check out this crop from it of Braska.  Gorgeous!  I never get this good a shot, but Daddy took this one and must have said just the right thing.)

KiKi wore some of my clothes.  We share alot of them lately.  She always wants to wear my stuff.  Isn’t this funny???  I wore the same thing a few weeks ago.  Same clothes!

KiKi gets pretty silly sometimes.  She likes to show her belly lately!

After church, we all went to eat before PaPaw went on a little trip to see his mommy and daddy.  They gave me and KiKi these hats to wear while we were coloring. 

We went to Grandma C’s house after we got done eating and me and KiKi napped and then played a while.  It was a fun day!

(Mommy note: About these outfits…. I realize I probably get more amusement out of this than anyone else, but there are a few of you who can relate to the fun of tiny little girls.  Braska’s currently 3 1/2, just hit 24 lbs, and is almost 34 inches. Her top in the pictures above is a 12 months size, the skirt is 18 months.  Kinlee’s just at 21 lbs and 32 inches at almost 18 months old.  She’s wearing a shirt that is 24 months and a skirt that’s 18 months.  The girls can swap out all these items between them. I’m guessing this fall we’ll have only one group of clothes for the both of them completely.)

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  1. Braska looks like a pretty picnic! And Kinlee's face in the last picture is so funny. "Does this mean I'm going to have to start taking peoples' orders?"
    Don't worry...I'm still endlessly fascinated with their size comparisons. LC's finally fitting into (some) of her 12 months clothes. Jace's 18 months clothes are starting to fit like spandex...


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