Friday, July 30, 2010

New place to swim!

Don’t we look so excited!  (Me and KiKi have not been very good to give Mommy good pictures lately.  She takes A LOT,  you know!)

Some very nice people made it so we get to go to the Y now.  Thank you!! We tried it out yesterday to see if we liked it.  AND WE DID!  At least the swimming is very fun there, so I think we’ll do that a lot.  They also have a fun play room where we can go when Mommy and Daddy want to go and do big people stuff, too.

Mommy looked very tired when we got home, though.  It took us a very long time to get to the right place and to get dressed and all.  And sometimes me and KiKi like to go away from where Mommy is.  And since she’s carrying all the stuff, like our bags and floaty boats, it’s a pretty fun game to go look at other stuff instead of walking with her like we’re supposed to do.  She doesn’t like that game much.

But we had lots of fun. Mommy pushed us in our boats while she was swimming up and down.  Then we got out for a while and splashed with our feet.  We got to see some nice people and there were some kids swimming so me and KiKi liked to watch them. 

I hope we get to go back and do some more swimming soon.  Mommy says if we don’t listen like good girls and stay with her, we might not be able to go without Daddy coming to help us.  So me and KiKi are gonna try to be good, because we love to swim!

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  1. Sounds like fun! I am sure you will be good for mommy!


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