Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We have a new game that me and KiKi like to play. Mommy showed it to us last week when we were playing outside while Daddy worked on the fence. KiKi calls it "Rosies!" and she wants to play it ALL the time!

Here's a little movie of the first day we learned it.
(Warning: Very annoying parental verbalizations in the following videos.)

And then we tried again last night when we were playing in the living room... silliness!

(Mommy note: I don't generally have the girls in the "diapers only" fashion, mostly because Braska doesn't want to leave her g-button alone when it's just right out there for the world to see. Braska was feverish a little earlier, so to try to cool her off, I stripped her down. Clearly, it helped some, as she was feeling a little better for a while.

These are the kinds of videos that aren't especially special, but they ARE the kind I think will be fun to have later, down the road, to look back and remember how they interacted at this age.)


  1. Too cute, you girls are adorable.

  2. Girls, I just love laughing with you. What fun you are!!

  3. You're definitely going to cherish those videos years from now! Too cute!


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