Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pretty Solana

Mommy just heard about this today… there’s a cute little girl who is in a contest to try to get her picture on the front of a big magazine.  She’s “extra” special like me, and we think it would be SUPER cool if she could win!!!  Right now she is in 1st place, but she needs to make sure and get the most votes.

Click here to see her picture and vote for her!  Tell everybody at your blog too!

(Mommy note: Registration is required to vote.  I know that can be annoying, but really, you don’t have to sign up for anything to buy or anything like that… and if we could get a little girl with DS on the cover of PARENTS magazine, printed for millions… that would be pretty cool!  It took me barely over 60 seconds. SO worth the time!)

Here’s part of what Mommy got to tell her about Solana…

My husband and and I have been blessed with two beautiful girls. Soledad is almost 5 and Solana is 2 1/2. When Solana was born and we were told she had Down syndrome our lives were turned upside down. Through our faith in God and the support of friends, family and various organizations, we quickly realized how one extra chromosome made Solana and all children with Down syndrome extra special!

A couple of weeks ago we entered Solana into the Parents Magazine Cover Contest. Between friends and family, co-workers and complete strangers around the world, she won the first round. Next week, starting July 7 and ending July 14th, everyone will have one last opportunity to vote (before it goes to the Editors at Parents) for the child that they would like to see on the cover.  If she were to win the contest, she would be the first known child with Down syndrome to grace the cover of the magazine. However, this is much more than a magazine contest. It is about giving the 5.8 million people in the world that have Down syndrome a voice.

Our goal is to have at least one vote from each of the 50 USA states and one vote from 30 different countries (please let me know if you vote via email with your country in the Subject line)! I would love to know that not only you, but your friends, family, state and local agencies and partners/members have joined forces with us in voting for Solana and getting the word out via email, Facebook, websites and/or blogs so that we can finally give Parents Magazine a new face and let the world know that Princesses can have Down syndrome too!

You can only vote once a day, per technology (iphone, ipad, cell phone, laptop, desktop, blackberry etc) so vote everyday!!! Here is the link:

Here is the link to vote:

By educating one person at a time we have an opportunity to educate one community, one county, one state and one country at a time. Everyone is looking for a way to make a difference. Lets give them one!

Watch this video to "meet" Solana:

Follow the Event on Facebook too!!/event.php?eid=137362816276529

With much love,
Andy, Sasha, Soledad and Solana

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