Friday, July 30, 2010

Mommy life: Personality changes

Lately, Braska has been showing signs of some changes. Not only is she growing physically—which she IS doing, though SO slowly—but she is really exhibiting changes in her personality.  Some are fun, and some are quite frustrating.
She’s 3. Someone must have told her that 3-year-olds are famous for being difficult.  Now, in fairness, and because I know there are some who will defend Miss B, she is nowhere near a “difficult child.”  But she has found her independent streak a little bit, and she has decided that she knows best in many cases.  These are good things, great milestones, really.  But it sure has made life more interesting and challenging around the house.
One nice thing is that when she disagrees with an instruction or does not want to cooperate in some way, she says, “No-fank-you” very quickly, like one word, but at least it’s polite.  It’s a hit with people who offer her a bite of food or something like that, generally people who don’t know her background.  They love that she is so polite about her refusal.  It’s cute, but it gets in the way just a tad sometimes.
On the positive side, she has really found a silly sense of humor.  She is laughing at appropriate times in TV shows or her learning DVDs.  There is always a “Ha Ha! So funny!” offered when Kinlee does something silly.  And the girls chase each other in small circles and tackle each other quite frequently.  The laughter is nice, I admit.
Yesterday, she did something else new.  She is usually very mellow in her high chair.  She sits there to eat or to get her tube feedings.  It’s usually a uneventful situation, except for the occasional, “Eat your food!” that she barks at Kinlee while tapping her tray.  But yesterday she had energy from somewhere like never before.  She just started bouncing around in her chair suddenly. The thing I found most impressive, which was prior to the video below—of course she wouldn’t repeat herself like I wanted—was that when I asked her “What are you doing?” she said, “Jumping!”  Answering a “what doing” question, as they’re called in her IEP, is a big deal, something we’re working on. And it is something that she’s not all that strong at recently. 
But this day was different… so I captured a piece of it.

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  1. great job on the 'what doing' question Braska! Love her giggles too!


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