Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Me ‘n Jack: New teachers, new room, new friends

Today was the first day of school!  I didn’t get to stay the whole time since I’m not all the way better from surgee yet, but I had a lot of fun while I was there!
Me and Jack decided to wear our shirts that he got for us on his trip a few weeks ago.  He came to my house before school so we could take some pictures.
“Good morning.”

Braska: “We’re not going in the house. Pictures are outside today. You ready?”

Braska: “Come over here, and we’ll let KiKi in the picture with us.”
Jack: “What if I want to just stand here?”

Girls: “Is he going to sit down?” “I don’t know.” “Does my hair look ok?”

Braska: “What if we kind of sit like this?  It’s what the cool kids do.”

Jack: “Ok, I’m here. What now?”
Girls: “Just wait for Mommy to take the pictures. Do your hands like this.”

Jack: “You want cheese? I’ll give you cheese!”
Braska: “Don’t look now but he is being goofy again. No! Don’t look!”
KiKi: “He’s still pretty cute, though.”

Then we took some more pictures in the hall by our classrooms.  We’re not in the same class this year.  I don’t really like that, but at least he’s right next door.  It was really weird to go to meet new friends without Jack.

”Are we done yet?  It’s almost time for school!”

”Please, God, help me make some fun friends in there.”

”Here’s the plan… if you miss me, just knock on the wall three times and we’ll meet in the hallway.”

”I like my cubby, but seriously… why can’t Jack be in my class with me? Where is he?”

Me and Jack both had good days at school.  Tomorrow I get to stay the whole time because there’s only 3 kids on my small class days.  Then next week I get to go regular all the time!  I like my new teachers and I think my new friends are really nice too.
While Kinlee was waiting for me to get done at school, she played on the pirate ship.


She went around and around and around and kept going down the slide.

Then she found some great big balls. Almost big as her!

Here’s some little movie of Kinlee playing.  (Grandmas like these kinds of movies.)

YAY for school!!!


  1. Loved this post! Loved the shirts! Loved your hair flowers! Loved the dialogue! Loving that you're feeling better and looking so grown up! Soph is starting preschool in a week and a half and we are excited too.

  2. You are so right Braska. Grandma's do like videos. and stories, and pictures and all sorts of activities that you and your sis do. You were beautiful for your first day of school.

  3. Great post! Braska, you are turning blogging into a REAL ART FORM!

  4. Yes, Grammy loves to see these pics and videos:o) I love to see the real you even more!

  5. your captions had me cracking up! I can just imagine all those sayings going through their heads :) how cute are Braska and Jack?! I'm glad the school situation worked out and hope she has a wonderful year!

  6. Great pictures and dialogue. You all look so cute!

    Someone has a knack for storytelling! :)


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