Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nope. No cheese.

I’m still not feeling good at all.  (Mommy’s telling about it more over here.) But Mommy and me were looking at some of the pictures, while she was holding me today, that we haven’t been able to tell stories about yet, so we thought we’d show you a silly one.

This is what we do when Mommy wants us to “say cheese.” KiKi started it.  We have a lot of pictures like this. 


  1. I like your robot tube coming from your belly. That's totally cool.

  2. Talk about a couple of bathing beauties!!

  3. That's one picture that's cute with YOUR EYES CLOSED! Braska, you've endured more surgery in your short life than some adults! And you are not only cute and smart and wonderful... YOU ARE ONE TOUGH COOKIE!


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