Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy report: The painful days?

First, if you haven’t had enough sad hospital pictures of Braska, visit the other, the lesser, the more boring my blog for some additional posts about our stay. 

Now that we’re home, and she’s in bed snoozing, though fitfully, we wait… 

Wait to see if she will sleep soundly tonight.
So far it doesn’t look likely.

Wait to see if she will take in more fluids/food tomorrow.
She did surprisingly well today, though not near her “norm.”

Wait to see if the dreaded “painful days,” days 3 through 7, are truth and not myth.
I’ve never SO wanted something to be myth.

Braska had a few tablespoons of pudding this afternoon as well as some ice cream.  AND a couple of ounces of milk from a cup.  Yeah. Amazing on a good day. Darn shocking today.

Tonight before bed, she started to really seem unhappy and uncomfortable.  She gets such sad, pathetic faces when she hurts or feels sickly.  I gave her the first dose of the (very hard to find) Tylenol #2 that was prescribed.  I do so hope that she can get some good sleep tonight, and I hope I can, as well. 

Don’t worry about M. He hears nothing.

Your prayers mean a great deal to us. Thank you.


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  2. Sorry to have to remove the first. I was horrified by the number of grammatical errors it contained. :0) I'll proofread this one...
    When I cared for a little one who had tonsils removed the painful days were, sadly, a reality. It may be helpful to note a switch...suddenly cold foods/liquids became painful and warm liquids much more soothing. She also complained much more about pain in her ears than in her throat. Just thought I'd mention it, since Braska may not be able to verbalize it if the same occurs with her. We're praying it doesn't!!! Hang in there!!!

  3. We are praying that she skips right passed the painful days. Keep those pain meds coming and popsicles!

  4. Here's prayers for low pain and good eating/drinking. If the drink feels good, she may choose to intake more. That would be an extra blessing!

  5. Ella had her tonsils and adnoids out a year and a half ago. She felt no pain at all, went home the same day because she was eating and drinking and they told me that she would be in a lot of pain in a couple of days, she never was. Now, I do realize that Ella has a scary high pain tolerance, but maybe just maybe Braska won't have the pain..... I hope!!! I will pray for her!!

  6. poor braska... we are thinking of her!!!!!!

  7. Sending Braska some extra prayers for a not-so-painful recovery!


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