Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time to go home

A little while ago, they said I could go home.  But I had to wait for things to get all done.  So I rested on the couch a little.

Then I waited some more.  I’m tired, you know.   Very tired.

Then my super great nurse, Miss Amy, came to get me all unhooked from my cords and stuff.  She took my cover off my arm and there was all this weird tube and tape on my arm.  Maybe THAT’S why my arm hasn’t felt very good!

She started to take it off, and she did it slow and nice, but it still wasn’t much fun.

Then I had to wait just a second for her to get the rest of it.  Almost done.

Now she’s working on the hurty part.  I really really really don’t like that hurty part.

I tried not to cry as long as I could, but it just hurt too much.  But I only cried a little bit.

(This super sad face is ‘specially for Daddy and Grandma C.  You’re both a little tiny bit mean, you know it.) 

When we came home, we stopped and had lunch with Daddy since he works close to the hospital. Then we came back to our house, and I went right to sleep on the way. 


  1. So happy it went well and you are home. It was one of the tougher recoveries for tommy....good luck miss braska!

  2. Bless your heart Braska. I am so glad you were so brave and are home snug in your own bed. You broke my heart with that pouty face. I hope you are feeling much better soon. Tell mom...more ice cream!

  3. Okay, the pouting picture about did me in. She needs a get well kiss from Aunt Karol

  4. awww poor sweet girl. i feel so bad for her but so glad she got to go home!! hugs from may and I!


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