Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surgee is bad

I feel really yucky.  I hurt a lot and I don’t want to do anything but sit on Mommy and sometimes that doesn’t work either.  I hope I feel better soon.
downsize (23)

(More details over here on Braska’s progress if you’re interested.)


  1. Sweet Braska ~ All of the Jones Kids are praying for you! Three of my stinkers have had the tonsils and adenoids removed at the same time too! Nathan even did his tonsils, adenoids and ear tubes in one fell swoop! It hurts now, sweetheart, but you'll feel SOOO much better really soon! Alyssa says to eat lots and lots of popsicles because popsicles make everything better!

  2. Oh, Braska, I'm sorry you feel so yucky. We're praying for you.
    (Tell your mom that I'll get around to those photos one of these days...)

  3. Poor girl, Addy had a rough recovery from T&A too. I think it was harder than some of her major bowel surgeries. Thank goodness for g-tubes at that time though!

  4. poor baby girl... i hate hearing she feels so awful! hugs!

  5. Hope you feel better in the morning, Braska. Sending love and prayers and hugs your way.


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