Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surgee day

Today Mommy’s taking me to the hospital and we’re gonna do surgee.  I’m not sure what that means, but she said she’s going to stay with me while I’m there a few days, so I’m not scared.

This morning, since KiKi and Belle are at Grammy’s, me and Mommy are just hanging around at home and getting ready to go. 

Mommy was yelling for me after I first got up, but I was already helping her take the trash out.

After we got dressed, we had some silly time in the living room while we were watching Sid the Science Kid.  I love Sid!   Mommy was talking mean to her camera because it wasn’t being nice to her.  It wasn’t taking pictures like it was s’posed to do.

I think it’s funny when Mommy talks mean to the camera.

As long as I have one of my cords to bite, I don’t really mind what the camera does. 

Have a fun day.  I’m gonna go get my bags ready.  Maybe I’ll show you pictures of my sleepover room later when I get there.

(Mommy note: We’re to report to the hospital at noon. Surgery this afternoon is to remove tonsils and adenoid.  Recovery is generally pretty rough, but we think this will help her in the long run.  Updates when we can. Prayers appreciated.)


  1. Kinlee and I are sitting here together. She is saying "A, B, C's", so I guess we'll do them now. We are praying for you, Sweetie Peach!!!

  2. Hope you will get all better and become a great non nose-runner.

    Praying much and will see you soon.

  3. oh, you're probably there now, then. hope it all goes okay.

  4. Praying for you sweet Braska, get those Popsicles ready mom she will enjoy them.

  5. Thinking of you and praying your recovery is a swift one. Love you, brave BraskaBean!

  6. Prayers have been said. Speedy recovery my friend!


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