Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Silly scale again

Back when I was a tiny baby, I used to have to get on that silly scale over and over and over and over.  A lot.  Doctors always wanna know how big I am, so they have to check all the time.

Today Miss C came over to check on me and see how good I’m doing with my eating and drinking.  And of course she always brings a silly scale with her.

Mommy used to take pictures of me every time on the scale, and there were lots of scale times… like here, and here, and here.  But she hasn’t done that for a while. So she thought it was about time for another one.

And do you know what the silly scale said??
26 lbs 2 oz.  A new high!!! 
And I’m 36 3/4 inches tall, too.
(Mommy note: I’ve talked before about my feelings about growth charts…  But since some of you like to know how the comparison looks, I’ll humor you.  I’m feeling generous today. On a typical growth chart, she doesn’t even show up. 5th percentile for typical would be 32 lbs 39 1/2 inches.  On the DS chart, she’s at about 5th percentile for weight and just a hair over 25th percentile for height.)

KiKi decided to get on the silly scale too, but she didn’t want to take her clothes off like I always have to do.



KiKi’s numbers were really close to mine. 
27 lbs and 36 inches.  Miss C said that without her clothes on, we’re probably just the same numbers on the silly scale.  But I’m still a little taller!!

(Mommy note: KiKi hits about 20th percentile for weight and about 40th for height.)

Miss C said I was doing pretty good!  She gave Mommy some good ideas of new things I could try to eat so I can get all my healthy things I need in my food. 

And in case you wanna know… I haven’t had to use my tube to put milk in my belly for over 5 weeks!!  Woo hoo!! That’s a long time!  I’m working pretty hard to drink.  And I’m even trying to crunch crackers when I have special snack and practice times with Miss J and Miss S.  

We’ll talk more about that next month… it’s a big month (remember this??) and we’ll have lots of stories to tell.  Don’t forget to click over there by “Braska’s Best Buddies” to be in our buddy list or get on our email list at the top of the side there so you won’t miss any stories!


  1. That is just awesome about the un-used tube. 5 weeks is LONG time - you go girl!

  2. Thanks, Braska!!! You girls just keep on growing and learning! Love ya!!!


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