Tuesday, September 27, 2011

20 birthdays

Today is my Uncle Ryan’s birthday.  He’s had 20 of them.  I can count to 20, but it’s way up there. 

When we went on a trip last month and saw all our family for a few days, Uncle Ryan gave me my first class about guitars. 

I really like guitars.  I like pictures of them and I like to see them on TV.  But I ‘specially like to get to see them for real.  I watched him play for a very long time.  And every time he was playing or Auntie Julia was playing I had to go sit by them again.  It was very fun.

And guess what?  Uncle Ryan even let me play his! 

Someday I’ll get another guitar class.  Maybe at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I can’t wait!

Happy birthday, Uncle Ryan!

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