Monday, September 19, 2011

Good ears!

A couple weeks ago, me and Mommy went to see my ear doctor.  We stopped on the way and left KiKi at Daddy’s work with him.  She had a good time and helped a lot, he said.  He gave her snacks for all her hard work.

We went on to the doctor’s office, and waited for them to be ready.  First we went to see the ear test ladies.  Usually, they try to show me toys and want me to look at the dancing elephant in the light box when they play a sound.  I haven’t ever liked doing that.  I usually just look wherever I want. 

I talked a lot to the lady and counted with her.  I would wait nicely until I heard the sound in my ear, then I would put the piece where it was supposed to go.  We did it over and over.  They said I listened and did what they wanted me to, so Mommy was glad.

The trick??  This time Mommy took some things I like to look at, (FLASHCARDS!!) and she told the ladies that I like to count and do my letters and words.  So they did more things I liked, and I did GREAT on the test!  It was the best scores I ever got!  They gave me a sticker, but I don’t really like stickers to play with.  I just give them to KiKi.

Then we went back to the waiting room for a while.  We had to wait a little bit for Dr. M.  So I played!!


I watched a boy do something for a few minutes.  Then he left, so I tried it myself.

Then a big girl came and started doing my toy at the same time.  She wasn’t sharing, she just moved me out of the way.  Mommy wasn’t very happy, but I just moved over and did another toy.

Mommy made me come over and talk to her, to see if I was sad.  But I was only sad because she made me stop playing!!  I went right back to playing again!

They called my name, so we went back to a room.  Dr. M gave me a high-five when I walked by him, but then he had to see another kid.  So we waited a little more.  I looked out and watched the cars going by for a while.

Then I asked where Dr. M was.  “Mommy, where is he? Mommy?”

Mommy just took pictures.  So I showed my goofy “cheese!” face.

I’m so funny.  And kinda cute.  And I know it!

Dr. M came in later.  He looked at my ears and said we had to go next door to the room I don’t like.  They hold me down and mess with my ears.  Mommy says they’re cleaning and making me all better, but I don’t like it at all.  And I yell about it a lot!

I heard them say that my tubes were out.  I’m not sure where they were at first, but I guess in my ears somewhere.  Dr. M said I don’t have to put them back in right now.  So that’s good I guess.  He said because I talked good and say all my words just right, he doesn’t worry about it too much unless I start to get sick a lot.

I was tired when we left, so I took a nap on the way home. 

I don’t have to go back for a few months, and I’m kind of glad.


  1. Ugh. Windows like that give me vertigo. But yeah for successful MD appts!


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