Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What were we looking at last week?

Remember when I showed you this picture

Well I was reminded today by Miss C at school that I forgot to tell you more about it!  Sorry!  (Hi Miss C!!) Here you go…

Uncle Jim and Aunt Karol were in our town last week to see Jamee.  She lives here now to go to school because she’s really smart.  We just love that she lives closer to us now! We get to see her sometimes, and me and KiKi always get really excited when we go pick her up.
(That was her chocolate yummies after dinner…BIG!)

They invited us to go to dinner with them at a place I hadn’t ever gone to, so we went and had a really fun time.  I liked sitting with Brock and Jade for a while.

Then I sat with Aunt Karol for a while.  KiKi was being super silly.

We all got BIG foods!  Jade’s sandwich was almost as big as her! 

Brock’s was really big, too.  And KiKi helped him with his bunches of fries.  She is sneaky like that.  She said she was just going to “borrow” them, but Brock didn’t want them back after she chewed them up! Ewww!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

KiKi likes Brock a little extra, I think.  She called him, “the orange guy” cuz she was being goofy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         brockkiki

Mommy had a big sandwich too, and she was pretty excited about it!

I had a big boat of mashed potatoes, and they were really yummy, too.  I couldn’t eat them all, but I tried!

We like their family a lot.  We count them just like our family, they just live away a little.  We missed Grant and Moise since they stayed home, but it was a really fun visit!

Oh, and what or *who* were we looking at in that picture from the other day??  Well I don’t remember for sure, (edited to add: Aunt Karol reminded me we were looking at the moon because I spotted it in the sky and told them it was there, and I signed moon real good.) but Mommy and us look up in the sky and say “Hi!” to Laynee sometimes, especially when there’s really pretty pink clouds.    And since she couldn’t have dinner with all of us like we sure wish she could, I think maybe we were just smiling at her to let her know we didn’t forget her, not for a minute.

(Psssst…. Laynee, I gave your daddy an extra cuddle hug for you, don’t you worry.)

Thanks for fun times, Aunt Karol and Uncle Jim!  Love you guys!!


  1. And I remember what else you were looking at way up there in the sky. You told Uncle Jim you were looking at the moon. That was pretty good since it was still daytime. I look up in the sky for Laynee to. The pink Laynee clouds are the very best. Someday you will get to see Laynee up there. I think you will be her very best friend, cause you and KiKi are my best girls after Laynee. It's good that you are learning to dance cause Laynee loves to dance and when we get to heaven she's gonna make us all dance. I just know it.
    Love you bunches
    Aunt Karol

  2. Great stories, great times, great pictures! Thanks!


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