Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday fun: Tot lot, shopping, lunch

On Thurdsays, I don’t have school.  It’s my day off.  So Mommy says on Thursdays we’ll try to do something fun, just me, KiKi, and her. 

Today we went to the new playground Mommy and KiKi found yesterday.  It’s called the Tot Lot, and it’s just for little kids like us.  It was REALLY fun!

We had snacks, played some more, and then it was time to go.  I got sad in the car and started crying really loud.  Since I don’t cry very often, KiKi always gets upset and sad when I do because she thinks I’m hurt.  So she started crying too…  Mommy said we were the pathetic twins.

But then we calmed down a little and Mommy took us to our other favorite place… Costco!  We did some shopping, had some samples, and then we got a little lunch.  Even ice cream!

It was a pretty good Thursday.  What did you do today?


  1. I'm glad you all had a good Thursday! We went to Red Lobster for dinner, but I forgot to take my camera :-(

    I love the pouty lip. When my little one gives me the pouty lip, it so hard not to laugh because its so stinken cute.

  2. Well I had to go down to the Lake of the Ozarks by Osage Beach and sit in the sand by the lake and read a book. The only thing that could make it better if you and Kiki would have come with me.

  3. you pathetic twins. wish oh wish your pathetic was closer to ours.


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