Saturday, September 17, 2011

Presents from work

Mommy came home with some goodies for us today.  She got them from her work.  She works at the Y.  These shirts have too many letters on them, but she says it means the same thing.

We were just playing around after our naps, so we had crazy hair.  But I think we do a good job of looking cute for her work.  She said they didn’t have any smaller shirts, so we’ll have to grow into them later. When we’re like 10 or something!

Anybody know why she got us these colors??


  1. Those are the Down Syndrome awareness ribbon colours!

  2. You girls are precious in your orange and blue. Every time I come by for a visit, you make me smile.

  3. Whoops - it is ORANGE & blue! I just wrote yellow & blue elsewhere...

    So not only REALLY cute, but timely too!

  4. Are you getting ready for the BEARS games with those colors?? :o)


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