Sunday, July 8, 2012

189/366 Driving practice at church

We have been going to a new church for a little while.  It’s not like regular churches that have church buildings. We go to Popcorn Church. That’s what we call it, anyway.  It doesn’t have it’s own building, so it borrows some movie rooms at the big theater place.  There’s popcorn going in there when we go on Sunday mornings, so that’s why we call it Popcorn Church.  It smells SO good….

They also have a fun game room, and while we were waiting for Mommy, we decided to go play a little bit.  I think me and KiKi are gonna be great drivers!

But I’m better than KiKi, I say.  I practice a lot when Mommy lets me climb up to her seat in the van sometimes.  But only when we’re sitting in one place, not on the road.

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  1. You do remarkably well for not having any quarters.


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