Thursday, July 19, 2012

200/366 The last last day at my school.

Today was the last day at my school.  I’ve been at that school since before I can even remember.  More than 3 years, since I was just a little 2-year-old.

If you weren’t around back then, here’s the story about my first day. (I was so little and cute!)

(Mommy note: Here’s a bit from that other post, in case you’re one of those who can’t be bothered to click ALL the way over there. Smile

She's 25 months old. That's a 9 month shirt, 24 month "skinny" jeans with the adjustable waist cinched to the max, and size 3 shoes that are still PLENTY big. Oh, and underneath is a 9 month onesie. She could wear 9-12 month jeans since they fit around her waist but they're too short. These are a little long still, but better than short in the winter. Eventually she'll even out...maybe.

The funny part to me about that is that today, at over 5 1/2 years old, today she wore a 3T shirt, 24 month capris, size 7 shoes.  She’s taller, and she weighs almost 10 lbs more than she did 3 1/2 years ago, but if it’s not for length, the same size pants still fit her.  In fact, she still wears some of the same shorts as she did that summer! Amazing.Going into kindergarten, still hanging at 29 lbs.)

At the end of school, Mommy did take a couple pictures. She got there right as we where finishing circle time.  Everyone got up and went to get their backpacks and things.  I just waited a bit until Miss A came to tell me it was time to go.
It’s the last time I’ll get to sit at circle time there. I’ve been in Room 411 for two years and one summer. It’s a good room.

I got my backpack and was ready to go.  Mommy took one more picture in my classroom. 

Then we went out the doors, and Mommy took another one there.  It says “preschool entrance” and I am not in preschool anymore! 

I’ll still come to this school building to see my favorite buddies who help me learn to write letters and eat better, but no more school here for me!

It’s time for kindergarten in just a few weeks.  And if Mommy ever gets the time, she’ll give you all the big details of the new changes there. We thought we had it all planned out good, but God had something even better that he waited to show us! 

Thank you, school, for being my favorite place for these last years! 


  1. I am anxiously awaiting details on the new K plan!

  2. You are growing up Little Miss. It won't be long and everyone will be wondering where the time went.


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