Saturday, July 14, 2012

195/366 Class, cousins, and cuddles

KiKi started her first swim class with friends.  She was pretty excited about it. 

Then we went to Grandma C’s house.  Our cousins were in town, and we always try to visit with them when they come to Grandma C’s.  I didn’t really feel like playing much, just did my own thing with the flashcards today.  That’s my favorite game.  Throwing flashcards all around.  braskacards

Shay and KiKi and Xander ran all around like crazy kids. But they stopped to take a picture of us all together before we came home.

Daddy and KiKi had some cuddles after we got home.  That’s one of KiKi’s favorite things to do.  And Daddy’s too.  Even Belle got in on it under Daddy’s legs.

That’s a pretty good day, I think.  Lots of fun, then home for family time.

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  1. You sure had a busy, fun day. And cuddles are the best. You can cuddle me anytime!


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