Friday, July 6, 2012

187/366 Watch me read!

We’re catching up on our daily stories, (and there’s some more movies down there to see, so if you haven’t read the other days, you should go back and see some of them!) but I wanted to tell you about this today!

This morning, Mommy was writing sentences for us on the Magna Doodle, and then we would take turns reading them.

She did a few little short ones that I read to her, and she was happy.

Then she did a couple that were a bit harder. And I did them fine too!  She was surprised!

So she wrote another one, and gave it to me to read.  She didn’t point at the words or show me where to look, and she took a movie of it…. 

Mommy was REALLY excited that I did so well!

It is usually very hard for me to know where to look when I’m reading.  It’s not easy for me to keep my eyes in the right place, so even though I know lots of words, it’s hard to read in sentences.  But I’m getting better!

I’m gonna be SO ready for kindergarten next month!!



  1. Amazing mommy you have there Braska to teach you all this. Very cool.

  2. Wow, awesome, Braska!! You are *totally* ready for school! Beautiful, clear reading. Sweet!

  3. I couldn't even read until I was already in kindergarten where they taught me. You rock, little dude.


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